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Travel Companions

Cathy Ann Taylor is the owner and founder of the American travel agency Cattar Adventures with Insight. Since joining forces in 2009, Malla Treks and Cattara Adventure have worked to provide our visitors with inspiring experiences that awaken a sense of life and knowledge of the cultural and natural well-being of the places we visit. Every excursion aims to fully immerse you in the community’s culture and bring out the authentic character of a place.
We wish to design one-of-a-kind adventures for adventurous people who want to experience the globe in a unique way. We think that traveling leads to life-enriching encounters that leave participants feeling refreshed, refueled, and inspired.

Jamling Tenzing Norgay started the adventure company known as Tenzing Norgay Adventure in honor of his late father, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa.
Jamling has developed a connection to the Himalayan region and its craggy 8000-meter peaks as a result of his spiritual journey. Due to his renowned mountaineering skills, The international climbing team that produced the breathtaking IMAX documentary film “Everest” also selected Jamling to serve as their climbing leader. With Touching My Father’s Soul, an international best seller that is a moving meditation on Jamling’s connection with his father and his 1996 ascent of Everest, he recently made his literary debut.
Since 20 years ago, we have been cooperating in Nepal to make each trip memorable and fruitful. Our goal is to encourage vacationers from all over the world to engage in meaningful adventures and discover their true selves.

India’s top provider of treks and expeditions to the Himalaya is Rimo. Rimo Expeditions, a well-known innovator, was founded in 1992 by the husband-and-wife team of Chewang Motup and Yangdu Gombu. Since then, Rimo and Malla Treks have worked together and expanded to be able to provide a variety of activities and destinations as well as to tailor the experience for both large-scale and modest-scale trips to the Himalaya.

American travel company Driftwood Adventure was established and is managed by Briana Gallo. In 2016, Briana Gallo participated in her first journey to Everest Base Camp, which was arranged by Malla Treks. Later, in la Jolla, California, she established her own business. We are now organizing vacations to various locations across the world in collaboration.

After completing their first Annapurna circuit trip in Nepal, young Indian adventurers launched Coho Earth Adventure. Since a few years ago, Coho Earth and Malla have collaborated in the travel industry, planning numerous adventure treks and excursions in Nepal and India.