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Welcome to Malla Treks

Namaste!! Malla Treks heartly welcomes you to the beautiful country of Nepal, the sweetest homeland of the happiest and extraordinarily hospitable people of the world. For the past 30 years, Malla Treks has provided quality services to a range of seasoned and novice travelers from across the globe. Malla Treks is proud to have connected many clients across lofty mountain passes, trekking peaks, as well as exposure to the many varied cultures throughout Nepal. When traveling on a Malla adventure, you will be afforded access to surpassingly beautiful mountains, coupled with encounters to a rich diversity of cultural life that continues to thrive in keeping with a traditional way of life that is multi generational and unspoiled. Malla treks’ objective is to offer the very best service revealing Nepal’s wonders to clients up close, and with the purpose of transforming the traveler’s experience leaving them with a lasting and endearing impression of an exotic land.

Why the name “Malla Treks”?
The name “Malla” is steeped in history and tradition, dating back to a time when great rulers and fearless leaders ruled the world. Malla rulers were known for their bravery, wisdom, and prosperity, inspiring admiration and respect among those who lived under their rule.
The name “Malla Treks” honors this rich heritage by carrying the Malla rulers’ legacy into the modern era.
Malla represents strength, determination, and the courage to face new challenges and explore new horizons.
When you travel with Malla Treks, you are not only a traveler, but also a part of a legacy that has stood the test of time.

Our History
Malla Treks is a distinguished travel agency founded in 1989 with the mission of inspiring and encouraging people to travel and explore the world. Mr. Stan Armington, a renowned adventurer and author with a deep love and passion for Nepal and its unique culture, founded our company. Mr. Armington, a former civil engineer in California, abandoned his career to pursue his true passion: exploring the world and its natural beauty. During his travels in the 1970s and 1980s, he discovered Nepal’s magnificent beauty and rich cultural heritage, prompting him to establish Malla Treks in collaboration with Nepal’s highly respected royal family.

Mr. Armington traveled extensively and documented his journeys in several books, including “Exploring Nepal Himalaya,” “Trek to Mustang,” “Trekking in Nepal Himalaya,” “Humla to Mount Kailash” and was the author of Lonely Planet’s trekking guide for many years. He had a vision to promote and showcase the diverse and untold destinations of Nepal.

Malla Treks has organized and promoted many new trekking destinations in Nepal, contributing significantly to the country’s tourism industry, thanks to the efforts and passion of our founder. In recognition of our company’s contributions, the Prime Minister of Nepal awarded us with “International Civil Golden Award” in 2004 for our efforts in supporting and promoting Nepal’s tourism economy.

Malla Treks since 1989

1) 30 years of experience

The Managing Director, Durga Bhandari has been organizing treks for more than 30 years. He knows Nepal intimately and the company has provided trekking and mountaineering services to very affluent people from all over the world. Depending on time and group size, Malla Treks will not disappoint providing anyone seeking adventure with an unforgettable experience

2) More than 80000 satisfied customers

The company has served more than 80000 customers from all over the world. Their feedback has given us more energy to promote Nepal’s tourism globally. Most of them book with us regularly whenever they visit the beautiful Himalaya country.

3) 99% Trip Success Record

When you are travelling with us, we will make sure that your trip will be successful. In the last five years, we have 99% record of successful trips. Our expert leaders and guides will do anything that is within their control to make your trip once in a lifetime experience.

4) Be a part of our Charity

Malla Treks donates 10% of its profit to its sisterhood organization called Himalayan Child Care. Himalayan Child Care is a charitable organization working for the betterment of impoverished children, located in Damside, Pokhara. In collaboration with Himalayan Child Care, Malla Treks is looking after more than 50 children from disadvantaged community thereby providing free accommodation, food and education to them . Moreover, we are also supporting a local government school in Kathmandu (Shree Yagyamati Secondary School) providing full scholarships to 15 students.

5) Experienced, Trained and Highly Professional Staffs

On a Malla Treks adventure, you are assigned a team with thorough experience, coupled with courtesy whereby the team’s aspiration is for you to have an unforgettable experience. Malla Treks provides excellent cooks, kitchen staff, ensuring that plentiful food, cooked with distinction, is essential to the overall success of a long journey.
Our staffs have long experience of working in tourism industry. All of our Guides are licensed and they good knowledge about Nepal.

6) Expertise in Mustang, Dolpa, Everest, Annapurna and Manaslu

We are the very first company to explore Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpa region. We have run numerous successful trips to Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpa till date. If you are thinking of doing a camping trek in these regions, we are proud to say that we are the best. Besides these, we are a leading adventure seller in Everest, Annapurna and Manasalu region. We will be providing you the local expert staffs with plenty of experience in these regions

7) Customer Oriented Service

Malla Treks can customize your trip to Nepal on an adventure fully tailored to your needs. Malla trekking specialists will gladly help you plan an itinerary to suit your desired interests. This will be founded on what you are seeking on your visit to Nepal, be it the allurement of exotic cultures and festivals, or trekking to breathtaking mountains such as Everest, the Annapurnas, or Manaslu. Malla Treks will help you fulfill any challenges you wish to satisfy based on your physical ability and time frame.

8) Peace of mind

The time you arrive in Kathmandu, to the time you depart Nepal, you will be very well looked after. Essentially, what the Malla trekking company offers is peace of Mind. In a foreign country, where things might not go as planned, due to ill health, weather, you do not want to get lost in translation. Being in remote areas or high elevation is an unforgettable experience but with it comes inherent risks. Malla Treks staff know how to improvise and remedy such situations with good judgement, decision making, and expediency.

9) Fixed and Guaranteed Departure

Every season we have fixed and guaranteed departures to the most popular destinations of Nepal. When you book any trip with us, we guarantee you the departure subject to weather conditions and factors beyond our control.