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Our Founder

Stan Armington is a highly esteemed figure in the world of trekking and tourism, with over five decades of experience in Nepal. He is widely regarded as a pioneer, having been one of the first Europeans to discover the hidden gem of Mustang. After leaving his job as a civil engineer, he embarked on an adventure of a lifetime and quickly fell in love with Nepal, its rugged terrain, culture, and people.

Stan’s passion for the mountains and his dedication to exploring Nepal’s hidden gems led him to write several books, including “Exploring Nepal Himalaya,” “Trek to Mustang,” “Trekking in Nepal Himalaya,” and “Humla to Mount Kailash.” He was also the author of Lonely Planet’s trekking guide for many years. Through his writing, Stan has been able to share his discoveries with countless travelers, helping them experience the magic of Nepal and the Himalayas.
But Stan’s impact goes beyond his writing. He has strong connections to the region and has been involved in various projects aimed at supporting local communities. He has worked on temple restoration, helped build schools and student hostels, and served as a director of the American Himalayan Foundation, where he has been able to make a positive impact on the lives of people living in the mountains.
In addition to his philanthropic efforts, Stan’s expertise and calm, all-round competence have also made him a highly sought-after guide. He has taken many high-profile individuals on breathtaking treks into the mountains, and his clients have come to rely on his confidence and competence, which can only come from years of experience.

Founder Message to Traveler’s

As a pioneer in the world of trekking and tourism with over five decades of experience in Nepal, I offer a unique and authentic experience to travelers. My passion for mountains, love for Nepal, and commitment to local communities sets me apart. I have explored the country’s rugged terrain, learned about its culture, and shared my discoveries through writing and guiding. I have made a positive impact on the lives of people in the region and have taken even the wealthiest travelers on breathtaking treks. I offer a level of confidence and competence that comes from years of experience. Join malla treks on a journey to experience the magic of Nepal and the Himalayas.