Hunting Adventure

For outdoor enthusiasts and hunters, the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve in western Nepal offers a distinctive and thrilling hunting experience. The 1,325 square kilometer reserve is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, including the endangered Himalayan blue sheep and the Himalayan tahr.

The hunt in Dhorpatan starts with a picturesque drive through the stunning Nepalese countryside and into the reserve’s interior. The route offers spectacular views of the surroundings as it passes through forested areas, rocky terrain, and rolling hills.

When you go to the hunting camp, you’ll be greeted by knowledgeable hunters and guides who will help you in your search for the perfect hunting adventure. Tracking the prey across the challenging terrain on foot, keeping an eye on their behavior, and taking a shot when the chance presents itself are all part of the hunting process.

The Himalayan blue sheep, Himalayan tahr, Himalayan black bear, and Himalayan musk deer are just a few of the game creatures that may be found in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. It is difficult to hunt these animals, and it takes expertise, patience, and a thorough awareness of the habitat.

Hunting in Dhorpatan offers more than just the excitement of the chase; it also offers the chance to fully appreciate the region’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The reserve is bordered by forests, rivers, and snow-capped mountains, making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers.

In conclusion, the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is a distinctive and thrilling vacation spot for nature lovers and hunters alike. It’s a truly unforgettable trip because of the captivating scenery, difficult hunts, and rich cultural history. It is significant to highlight that hunting is a regulated activity in Nepal and that all hunting activities are carried out in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

A typical itinerary for a visit to Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve would include the following activities:

Day 1: Departure from Kathmandu to Baglung by private vehicle.
• Arrival in Baglung and transfer to the hunting reserve.
• Check-in at the forest guest house and introduction to the guide.
• Afternoon, take a short hike around the reserve to explore the surrounding area and get a glimpse of the local wildlife.
• Return to the guest house for dinner and overnight stay.
Day 2-4: Depart for Hunting
• Early morning, depart for a full day of hunting or birdwatching, accompanied by a guide and a team of porters.
• Return to the guest house for lunch.
• Afternoon, take a short hike or relax at the rest house.
• Return to the guest house for dinner and overnight stay.
Day 5: Hunting and Depart
• Early morning, depart for a final round of hunting or birdwatching before returning to the guest house for breakfast.
• Check-out and depart for Baglung.
• Return to Kathmandu by private vehicle.

Please note that this is just an example itinerary and can be customized to suit your specific needs and interests. It’s also important to note that hunting is a regulated activity in Nepal and requires a permit, which must be obtained in advance. The itinerary also assumes that hunting is not banned due to any legal or political situation.